The Secret Book

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Категория: Комиксы

Артикул: Comics-56497

Вес: 355 гр.

Автор: Тимофей Алёшкин

Издатель: Комикс Паблишер

Год выпуска: 2022

Количество страниц: 260

Язык: Английский


Данный комикс на английском языке!

Ancient Rome during the dictatorship of Cais Julius Caesar. When Ceasar was away on the war agaist Parthia, the disaster broke out in the City. The demonic lemuri invaded Rome from inside the earth. Consul Brutus devoted hiself to the dark godsin the ancient ritual and gained the divine power to resist the demons. Brutus and his Nignt Guards beat lemuri back to their subterran Hell. A group of Night Guards then decided to make use of their position of the guardsaen of the half-burned and devastated City, breaking into abandoned houses and pludering them. Once one of them found a very dangerous thing - a secret book of a warlock...



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